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***Sig Hansen and RI Fishermen’s Alliance Call U.S. Fisheries Disaster Back in 2008***


The destruction of the commercial fisherman in the United States and communities that support them by federal and state fisheries managers should be of the utmost concern to Americans. The importance of this issue cannot be underestimated as our country moves through unprecedented stormy economic times.

***Swim That Rock-EXCELLENT-MUST SEE***

Back in 2009 Academy Award winning film maker Ross Kaufman documented the last words from the Rhode Island quahog industry. Rhode Island once boasted the largest outboard powered fishing fleet in the world-The Rhode Island Quahogger, with  2-3000 participants during the 1980’s. The Rhode Island Quahogger has been reduced to someRead More…

6/03/16 NOAA’s Decades Old Fraudulent and Incompetent Fisheries Management ‘Bullship’ Takes Direct Hits-“God Help Us”-Jim Russo Comments


11/11/16 Fish And Men-The story/video of the destruction of the 400 year old New England fishing industry and the comminities they support. 10/4/16 NOAA Fisheries Management Fraud Blown Wide Open! Jim Russo Comments 10/4/16 How a ‘rouge’ environmental group transformewd American fisheries 8/31/16 “God Help Us”-Above The Waves, Connecticut Fishermen StruggleRead More…

Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan and The F/V Saint Patrick


I had a pit in my stomach during the 2013/14 Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan (RISMP) hearings/meetings at URI when I realized what was left of the RI Quahog industry was going to be abandoned to promote aquaculture and the privitizing of public resources.  The RI state waters quahog, andRead More…

Andrade’s Catch-Supporting the Free and Common and Rights of Rhode Islander’s. *THANKS Edible Rhody*

THANKS Edible Rhody!!!!

Clam Shack Cookbook


Stop any Yankee on the street and ask the name of his or her favorite restaurant, and you’ll be directed to a Connecticut clam shack . . . or a Maine lobster pound . . . or a Massachusetts chowder house. In these rustic eateries, you find the freshest seafoodRead More…

Jim Russo – There When Rhode Island Aquaculture Started Taking Off – 1999

This event opened my eyes early on to the agenda and absurd nature of aquaculture, and public enhancement with aquacultured shellfish.  While this steamer clam project was going on, there were unfathomable amounts of wild steamer clams and steamer clam seed in Narragansett Bay, especially at Conimicut Point. The steamerRead More…

This Is What REAL (WILD) Oysters Look Like-Any Questions?


Just so there is no confusion-this is what REAL (WILD) native Rhode Island oysters look like!!! A product of natural selection and biodiversity, the difference between real (wild) oysters and cheap aquaculture imitations is obvious. Notice the color, size, and texture of the meat in these mature wild RI oysters. CompareRead More…

Consumers Ate Washington State Aquaculture Oysters Sprayed With DDT Like Pesticides for Decades Without Ever Knowing It-Public Outraged!!!!

Anthony Pane serves oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter seafood restaurant in Seattle, May 13, 2011. Dining in or around Seattle offers a profound and exhilarating sense of place that even the most celebrated cities and regions can't offer. (Stuart Isett/The New York Times) -- PHOTO MOVED IN ADVANCE AND NOT FOR USE - ONLINE OR IN PRINT - BEFORE JUNE 12, 2011.

This story originally appeared 4/15 Just when you thought you have heard the most absurd reasoning from the aquaculture industry, they completely out do themselves-PUBLIC OUTRAGED!!!!! The following stories show the true nature of the aquaculture industry. Judge for yourself! Washington State Turns to Neurotoxin Pesticide to Save It’s AquacultureRead More…

Think Wild and Aquaculture Oysters Are The Same? Think again….

images (16)

How is it possible that ounce for ounce, aquaculture oysters have half of the most prized nutrient that gives oysters their reputation as a superfood as wild oysters-zinc, yet they are still called oysters? The consumer should know that aquaculture oysters have half the amount of zinc as wild oysters,Read More…

Most Absurd Aquaculture Propaganda Story Ever

images (13)

How Probiotics Can Save the East Coast Shellfish Industry is an epic propaganda fairy tale and real life example of how the egotistic grandeur of academics that want to control nature, and own the intellectual property of natural selection, push their flawed agenda. These “wicked smart” people (we’re the experts and you’re not) inRead More…

Friends Dont Let Friends Buy Farm Raised Shellfish


Research from Oceanus (online magazine that explores oceans) supports why Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Farm Raised Shellfish! The photo is of a clam bed lease in Wellfleet Harbor, MA that was infected with QPX (quahog parasite unknown), which is an infectious Trojan horse clam disease. Wellfleet Harbor will neverRead More…

French Aquaculture Oyster Blight-View into Future of U.S. Aquaculture


This is a great story that clearly shows that ‘it’s not nice to fool with mother nature’. As man meddles with aquaculture and crops become more inbred, the chances for environmental disasters like the French Oyster Blight are more likely. Support Free and Common fisheries that support coastal communities andRead More…

Sinking of The Orin C. – Why U.S. Fisheries Management Needs To Change


Sinking of The Orin C. – Why U.S. Fisheries Management Needs To Change-Original Gloucester Times Story Link On December 3, 2015 the 51′ Orin C. rapidly succumbed to 12′ seas, leaving three men bobbing in the dark, 49 degree waters 12 miles off Gloucester MA. Crewmen Rick Palmer and Travis Lane wereRead More…

Aquaculture Turned Industrial Aquaculture – Puget Sound, WA

I witnessed this destruction of environment and the privatizing of public resources first hand when I lived in the Puget Sound,WA area 2005-08.  Save Rhode Island from this! See for yourself…. Copyright Jim Russo 2010-2016. All rights reserved  

Images of Industrial Aquaculture

This is what industrial aquaculture looks like. Is this where we want to be in Rhode Island? Your voice matters! More images of industrial aquaculture….Click to view

Rhode Island Quahog Week and State Sponsored Fisheries Discrimination-Jim Russo Comments


This article which was published during ‘Rhode Island Quahog Week’ is a classic example of RI State sponsored fisheries discrimination which was released during Rhode Island Quahog Week…Jim Russo comments… Photo credit-Phil Russo  

The Rhode Island Quahogger: Candidate for the List of Endangered Species?

Photo by Rob Russo

This seventy page paper is a visionary look at the threats to the 3000 Rhode Island Quahoggers in 1981. The two main threats that are given in the introduction are – Pollution in the Upper Bay and the prospect of an expanding aquaculture industry in the Lower Bay. What anRead More…

NOAA’s Decades Old Worn Out Scarcity Story Challenged Again-This Time By Southern New England Lobster Industry

Photo Jim Russo

NOAA’s outdated and decades old, self-serving and worn out story line about doom and gloom fisheries status is disputed by the southern New England lobster industry. The latest lobster stock assessment found lobsters in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank are doing well; but lobsters in southern New EnglandRead More…

End To 4 Centuries of New England Ground-Fishing??


Management Claims There are No Fish, But Fisherman Can Catch Their Annual Quota of Cod, Flounder or Haddock in One Day. WHAT??? Jim Russo Comments Fishermen and fishing stakeholders say the darkness that has descended on the Northeast ground-fish fishery over the past three years is only going to growRead More…

NOAA Fisheries Management Created Outrageous FISHING MOGUL and CODFATHER (while most of the industry has been starved out) with 40+ Boats-is Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges


NOAA Fisheries Management Created Outrageous FISHING MOGUL and CODFATHER (while most of the industry has been starved out) with 40+ Boats is Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges Federal authorities raided one of the best-known seafood wholesalers in the Northeast Friday morning, arresting owner Carlos Rafael on charges of conspiracy andRead More…

Sealords and Sharecroppers

images (6)

NOAA Fisheries Management Creates SEA LORDS and SHARECROPPERS- Permit for 7048 Pounds of Red Snapper A Year = $267,000!!! A little-known federal program has turned dozens of Gulf of Mexico fishermen into the lords of the sea who are able to earn millions annually without even going fishing. The programRead More…

Outrageous and Absurd NOAA and EDF Gulf Red Snapper Management gets MORE Outrageous and Absurd


The future of recreational fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is for sale in Texas. While charter boats and private recreational anglers in the Gulf were only allowed to catch red snapper in federal waters on 10 days last year, two companies in Galveston, Texas have been taking recreational anglersRead More…


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What more needs to be said after the articles are read? The U.S. people have been sold out to mega-corporations fronting as ‘environmental activists’/NGO’s that want to privatize public resources for corporate control. The result of this is-the ‘unwashed masses’ (fishermen and fishing communities) are destroyed by this money and greed driven agenda. ‘DivideRead More…

Commercial Clam Boat Stirs Connecticut Waters-Jim Russo Comments


Commercial Clam Boat Stirs Connecticut Waters-Jim Russo Comments-Story Link A commercial clam lease in Connecticut worth a few hundred dollars a year affords owner $1.6 million clam boat!!! This is another good example of how public fisheries resources are sold off to benefit the very few. Read more…   Photo credit-Marcia Chambers

Misfits For Magnuson-National Fisherman-Jim Russo Comments

Click Here Or On Photo For Original National Fisherman Story I admit I had the wind knocked out of my sails late last week when I read that President Obama has opted to dismiss out of hand Alaska Rep. Don Young’s Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization draft, reportedly based on the advice of hisRead More…

NPR Fisheries Propaganda Story Busted by CFOOD Highly Respected Independent Fisheries Scientist

Click here or on picture for original CFOOD story…




Fisheries Management Disaster-Epic Crimes against humanity for corporate greed and power

images (7)

Fisheries Management Disaster Part 1 could be one of the most important films made that documents how corporate control for seafood destroys lives. livelihoods, and the communities fishermen support. The insidious fisheries management tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ is clearly illustrated and documented in Fisheries Management Disaster, which dates backRead More…

7/4/16 July 4TH and Independence Day-Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 Desecrated in the Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan


7/4/16 The Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 has been described as  “the grandest instrument of human liberty ever constructed.” One of the most powerful provisions was ‘The Rights of Man’ which, along with other basic freedoms, granted citizens of Rhode Island Free and Common access to public fisheries resourcesRead More…

The Rhode Island Quahog resource is incredibly abundant. The price for quahogs is so low that they are not worth catching, making quahogs a totally underutilized resource. We are talking quahogs here, not high priced little necks that the average Rhode Islander cant afford, yet is what the market is directed to. -- JR