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Peace Through Prosperity For All

Promoting Free and Common Access to Wild Fishery Resources

Fellow quohoggers helping each other through a long cold winter

Fellow quohoggers helping each other through a long cold winter

Free and Common.com was established in 2010 by lifelong Rhode Island Quahogger/fisherman Jim Russo to promote free and common access to the fishery resources of Narragansett Bay. Jim bought his first house near the water in Bristol RI when was 24 years old with Quahogging money, and has a deep appreciation of what the fishery was, and still could be. Since that time, most of the New England fisheries, including RI Quahogging, have been destroyed by ‘the management’ and aquaculture.  Jim left the fisheries in 2015 after almost 40 years on the water and is living a life free of the dog eat dog, every-man for himself culture that pervaded Narragansett Bay as he moved on to more fulfilling work.  Free and Common has since become a unique website and perspective on the destruction of access to fishery resources by ‘the management’ and aquaculture. Jim now makes himself available for consulting and sharing his unique and visionary insights into the Rhode island and U.S. fisheries. Jim provides innovative solutions on how to move from an every man for himself mentality to a peace through prosperity for all way of thinking. Jim’s work is truly outstanding and unique in its field of critical thinking. This is truly the battle of evermore, and human evolution. 

Jim Russo can be reached for consulting, questions or comments at Jim@freeandcommon.com.

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Last of The Wild!!!!!

Anthony ‘Lil Tony’ Russo going to work in the surreal beauty of mother nature and Narragansett Bay.  Photo credit-Phil Russo