Most Absurd Aquaculture Propaganda Story Ever

How Probiotics Can Save the East Coast Shellfish Industry is an epic propaganda fairy tale and real life example of how the egotistic grandeur of academics that want to control nature, and own the intellectual property of natural selection, push their flawed agenda. These “wicked smart” people (we’re the experts and you’re not) in the intelligentsia (NOAA, URI, RWU) conveniently forget to differentiate between saving naturally disease ridden aquaculture with probiotics, and natural wild shellfish that stay disease free due to natural selection. Naturally selected shellfish, like incredibly abundant wild quahogs and clams, and offshore scallops, will never need  the ridiculous intervention of humans to make them better.

The concept of dipping wild lobsters that show signs of shell disease in this man-made probiotic “Kool Aid” is the the height of absurdity!!!!

The interesting part of this story is the public is never informed that disease is the number one issue for aquaculture oysters. Knowing this important fact might make consumers think twice before flocking to hip and trendy and upscale oyster bars where they eat these cheap, man-made imitations of real oysters that are prone to disease.

Its no wonder the comments I left about this story were removed from the website!!!!!  Thanks to Free and Common, those comments are posted here.

Read Original Story…(I would be seriously embarrassed to call the pic of an oyster in the linked story an ‘oyster’-totally nasty looking! JR)

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