Buckskin Giants of The Eastern Frontier-Independence Day 2014-Celebration of Freedom


East Greenwich News-One of the things that sets East Greenwich and Rhode Island apart from most of the other states in the union, is the presence of a particular brand of independent, rugged individuals called quahauggers (forget the other spellings, they are all derivations of this, the original word from the Narragansett tongue, that of the original people who were settled in R.I. before the coming of the white man, who, like they did with just about everything they touched, twisted it and ruined it and changed it. The original word was pauquahauck. Of course the English, who wanted to spell and say it their way changed it to quahog, quohog, quahog etc. It should be quahaug.)


Photo credit-Rob Russo


Jim and Anthony Russo work the tail end of a blizzard in Greenwich Bay on the Whaleback Whaler

Jim and Anthony Russo work pre-blizzard conditions in Greenwich Bay on the Whaleback Whaler



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