7/4/16 July 4TH and Independence Day-Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 Desecrated in the Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan


The Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663 has been described as  “the grandest instrument of human liberty ever constructed.” One of the most powerful provisions was ‘The Rights of Man’ which, along with other basic freedoms, granted citizens of Rhode Island Free and Common access to public fisheries resources and the vital, life giving seafood this access provides.

Rhode Island is VERY unique among U.S. coastal states because of the fact that most coastal states manage their shellfish resources (fish that don’t move or swim) on a town or township basis. In most coastal states, you can only shellfish in the town you live in. For example, if you live in Westport MA, you cannot shellfish in bordering Dartmouth MA, or any other coastal town in MA, for that matter. This greatly restricts access to vital shellfish resources for people in many coastal states.

Rhode Island is very unique among coastal states because regardless of where you live in the state, RI residents have Free and Common access to shellfish resources anywhere in state waters. The Rhode Island Charter is an incredibly powerful tool of freedom and the Rights of Man.

Over the last several decades, the Free and Common access to Narragansett Bay granted by the Rhode Island Royal charter has been desecrated, especially by the Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan and the agenda pushed ‘privatizing of public fisheries resources’ and aquaculture.

It’s time to celebrate independence and freedom beyond catch phrases, keywords and scripted talking points. Support the Free and Common and be true liberty and freedom loving people who live by the concept of our founders-Peace Through Prosperity For All!

Wikipedia Link to Rhode Island Royal Charter of 1663

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