***Sig Hansen and RI Fishermen’s Alliance Call U.S. Fisheries Disaster Back in 2008***

The destruction of the commercial fisherman in the United States and communities that support them by federal and state fisheries managers should be of the utmost concern to Americans. The importance of this issue cannot be underestimated as our country moves through unprecedented stormy economic times.

The system of state and federal management that has been developed over the last 30 years has led to the destruction of the right of communities to meet one of the most vital needs of it’s people- real food.  Local commercial fisherman supplying food to the inhabitants of communities throughout the world is as old as time.

The local commercial fisherman still holds a revered position in many societies. The village is waiting onshore in gratitude for the return of the heroic fisherman, and the life giving healthy food they catch.  In the U.S., and many other industrialized nations, the commercial fisherman has been demonized by regulators and environmentalists as blight on society.

Free and Common promotes the awareness of this issue, and defends  the basic constitutional rights of local communities to insure their commercial fisherman have the access to vital fisheries resources their communities need to survive.

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