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Jim Russo – There When Rhode Island Aquaculture Started Taking Off – 1999

This event opened my eyes early on to the agenda and absurd nature of aquaculture, and public enhancement with aquacultured shellfish.  While this steamer clam project was going on, there were unfathomable amounts of wild steamer clams and steamer clam seed in Narragansett Bay, especially at Conimicut Point. The steamer clam seed literally carpeted the bottom a foot thick. The amount of steamer clam seed planted by this early public enhancement program was infinitesimal compared to the natural set. It was literally an absurdity! Let experience do the talking!


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Sinking of The Orin C. – Why U.S. Fisheries Management Needs To Change

Sinking of The Orin C. – Why U.S. Fisheries Management Needs To Change-Original Gloucester Times Story Link

On December 3, 2015 the 51′ Orin C. rapidly succumbed to 12′ seas, leaving three men bobbing in the dark, 49 degree waters 12 miles off Gloucester MA. Crewmen Rick Palmer and Travis Lane were able to swim to safety, but the Coast Guard could not revive Captain David ‘Heavy D’ Sutherlund after a rescue swimmer reached him.

The Orin C. was originally owned by a long time friend of mine, John Borden, of Westport, MA. The Orin C was a highline offshore lobster boat for many years. I made several multi-day trips on the Orin C. gillnetting codfish in the late 80’s, and I can say the boat was incredibly seaworthy for it’s size. The boat was named after John’s friend, Orin Crapo, who died when his lobster boat was apparently run down by a tug-and-barge somewhere south of Westport MA in 1975.

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***Sig Hansen and RI Fishermen’s Alliance Call U.S. Fisheries Disaster Back in 2008***

The destruction of the commercial fisherman in the United States and communities that support them by federal and state fisheries managers should be of the utmost concern to Americans. The importance of this issue cannot be underestimated as our country moves through unprecedented stormy economic times.

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Rhode Island Quahog Week and State Sponsored Fisheries Discrimination-Jim Russo Comments

This article which was published during ‘Rhode Island Quahog Week’ is a classic example of RI State sponsored fisheries discrimination which was released during Rhode Island Quahog Week…Jim Russo comments...

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Sealords and Sharecroppers

NOAA Fisheries Management Creates SEA LORDS and SHARECROPPERS- Permit for 7048 Pounds of Red Snapper A Year = $267,000!!!

A little-known federal program has turned dozens of Gulf of Mexico fishermen into the lords of the sea who are able to earn millions annually without even going fishing. The program also transformed dozens more into modern-day serfs who must pay the lords for the right to harvest red snapper….Read more and view a great video

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Fisheries Management Disaster-Epic Crimes against humanity for corporate greed and power

Fisheries Management Disaster Part 1 could be one of the most important films made that documents how corporate control for seafood destroys lives. livelihoods, and the communities fishermen support. The insidious fisheries management tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ is clearly illustrated and documented in Fisheries Management Disaster, which dates back to the mid 1990’s.

This ‘divide and conquer’ tactic is the same tactic that has been used over the last 30 years to destroy the centuries old New England fishing industry.

It is clear to see in the video the impact of taking a man’s right to work away. This right is the eternal ‘Rights of Man’, the undeniable right to freedom. Fisheries Management Disaster shows how a few people can destroy the lives of many, just because they can, or because they just-‘don’t want you to’, as illustrated in ‘Swim That Rock.’ 

Be sure to watch fisheries Management Disaster Part 2. 

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