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Rhode Island Quahog Week and State Sponsored Fisheries Discrimination-Jim Russo Comments

This article which was published during ‘Rhode Island Quahog Week’ is a classic example of RI State sponsored fisheries discrimination which was released during Rhode Island Quahog Week…Jim Russo comments...

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The Rhode Island Quahogger: Candidate for the List of Endangered Species?

This seventy page paper is a visionary look at the threats to the 3000 Rhode Island Quahoggers in 1981. The two main threats that are given in the introduction are – Pollution in the Upper Bay and the prospect of an expanding aquaculture industry in the Lower Bay. What an accurate prediction it proven to be true 35 years later! See paper…

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Day in the Life: Bounty of the Bay

full rakeEach morning, dedicated groups of quahoggers leave from docks scattered throughout Narragansett Bay to dig up the natural and native bounty waiting to be harvested. Twenty-plus years ago, more than 2,000 commercial fishermen were quahoggers; this year there are 534 active licensed commercial quahoggers, and even fewer call it their full-time profession. Robert Russo, a twenty-six-year-old Bristol native, shares what it’s like to live the life of a Rhode Island quahogger. Read more…  Photo credit-Rob Russo

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Harvesting The Bay – Fathers, Sons and Last of The Wild Shellfishermen

In an in-depth study of the Rhode Island shellfishing community where he was raised, a journalist celebrates the lives of his father and grandfather and probes the nature of sustainability.

Huling describes the physically demanding life of these fishermen who haul the hard-shell clams, known as quahogs, from the depths of Narragansett Bay by using long-handled tools called bullrakes. In the author’s opinion, the sustainable lifestyle of the bullraker represents a model for a radical shift that must take place in how our society values hard physical labor. Read more….

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S.H.A.R.C. – Sandy Hook Alliance of Real Clammers

S.H.A.R.C.-Sandy Hook Alliance of Real Clammers is a fishermans rights organization started in the fall of 2006 in Highlands N.J. whose main objective is to protect the rights of commercial fisherman and their way of life, and to get rid of NEMO.

The ‘Swim That Rock’ website is dedicated to the clamming legend Greg King, who was a member of  S.H.A.R.C.-Sandy Hook Alliance of Real Clammers, in his final days as a Bayman.

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Who Cares?

Who Cares?

While working on this Free and Common project over the years, and my experience as a lifelong RI Quahogger, I was asked and told countless times by those involved in RI Quahogging, “WHO CARES ABOUT THESE ISSUES??? JUST GO TO WORK, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, AND DON’T THINK ABOUT IT!” because “THERE IS NOTHING YOU ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!!!

Plato’s Allegory of The Cave in real life!

Hopefully, the tide has turned on this self-defeating attitude that seems rampant in RI. HOPE IS THE STATE MOTTO!!! LETS HOPE….

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