The Rhode Island Quahog Research Fleet and Ship of Bumbling Fools

Out of all the absurd Rhode Island fisheries management schemes I have witnessed over the forty or so years I worked on Narragansett Bay the concept of a Quahog Research Fleet by the academics is by far the most outlandish, absurd and totally infantile management scheme I have ever seen, and let me the you, there have been some doozies.

The amount and extent of the quahog resource in Narragansett Bay is incalculable for many, many reasons.

For the record, Jim Russo, and Free and Common, is saying-“PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!! When futile attempts to justify the research community’s existence reaches this level of insanity, and lack of critical thinking, it’s time to give up the self serving agendas (get me some money) and make the main goal and objective of managing Narragansett Bay one for the people of the state. Stop making it about bought in special interests (the wolves are guarding the hen-house) with the main objective being total ego tic self-interest, and make it about PEACE THROUGH PROSPERITY FOR ALL!


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