This Is What REAL (WILD) Oysters Look Like-Any Questions?

Just so there is no confusion-this is what REAL (WILD) native Rhode Island oysters look like!!!

A product of natural selection and biodiversity, the difference between real (wild) oysters and cheap aquaculture imitations is obvious. Notice the color, size, and texture of the meat in these mature wild RI oysters. Compare this to the cheap imitations you may be eating at trendy and hip oyster bars -YOU DECIDE!

Man can only DREAM of making/growing oysters like these!!!!

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Jim Russo’s REAL OYSTERS Italiano-Look at the SIZE of those beauties!!!!  Notice how TINY the plate looks! These things are like eating oyster steak on the half shell!!! 

This is what REAL oysters look like!!!!  Oysters-Natures best aphrodisiac-LOADED with natural zinc!!!!

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